Wednesday, June 25, 2008

kuya to school!!!

yeah, u read it right, kuya joelits is now attending school(salingkit!)

it wasn't really our plan to send him to school so early (he's just turning two this coming july 17!) but everyday since kuya jeffrey started schooling, he's so kulit on going to school also!we even bought a schoolbag and some school things for him just to make him happy! and if we want him to drink his med,vit,or eat his food...."yes, joelits u'll go to school after!"

only this morning, i woke up to his cry downstairs! tinotoyo si joelits! bec kuya jeffrey is going to school na, he also wants to go to school!!!! so, to make him stop, since he has his things!hehe o sha sige na off we go to kuya jeffrey's school (its just within the subdivision aniways,so ok lang!) sige na let's make him try schooling as salingkit!

when we got there, naku joelits is super excited seeing kuya jeffery, enter the room agad and completely forgot about mama,played with the kids agad! he's really eager to go to school! well, we'll try for a week, let's see!

Friday, June 20, 2008

i've tasted soup no.5 :) --multiply post 4/22/08

hehe ok nman sha liked it nman, c hubby nagluto eh its my tito's request to him, granted, shempre taster ako ok nman, kaaya aya nman ang ichura ng soup kasi u wont really recognize nman the balls hehe na heartburn lang ako after!hehe dunno if its the soup or napagod lang ako sa stairs

thank you Lord!!!(multiply post 4/21/08)

we got the result of joelits eeg, thank God its normal,as well as his cbc! i have less to worry now, and thank you ear thermometer i now find myself checking my little boys body temp. every now and then with a smile :) no more wrestle and hassle! just a click away!hehe
when joelits was still a little baby and behave pa (and wla p sa vocabulary ko ang digital thermometers) i love what i have the old school thermometer, nung mejo malikot na (slight) joelits i rem.aa telling my try the digital one, mejo i refuse pa kasi for me parang mas ok the old school kasi ul see pa the mercury(realistic ba) pero i was wrong now na super kulit na joelits and super irritated when he is not feeling good, mygoodness hindi ko sha makuhaan ng body temp! so i bought a digital one, ok at first saya din kasi nababasa ko agad pero its hard to get joelits bodytemp. parin, till the very frightening experiece we had with joelits ( he had a febrile convulsion) and i got paranoid na, i wanted to check on joelits every minute every second eh mahirap sha kuhaan ng bodytemp, though a little expensive ok lang basta mamonitor ko lang lagi cla, super sulit sha, i'd say it's a must for families with young kids esp. those who have history of cunvulsions lalo na from high fever na kasi once nangyari na, there's a great possibility it'll happen again unless u take extra care na!
it'll be an experience i'll never forget for the rest of my life... at ayoko na a super duper nightmare of my life... thank you Lord for the prayers of love for joelits.
thank you joelits for fighting half the battle with us.

what a feeling!!!(multiply post 4/22/08)

talo pa ang nanalo sa lotto! exag! haha honestly super pala tlga nakakatuwa when your little boy start to call ur attention to assist him to the toilet and there he'll pee and poop! katuwa kahit nakadiapers gustu magpunta sa c.r. and do his business there! bigboy na talaga si kuya! hehe

joelits: " wee, wee, wee!!"

geli or mama : 'oh bilis lika lika c.r tyo! :) "

*** joelits papatanggal diaper then sits on the toilet bowl and pee...after his business....wash wash, at ang favorite nya..mgflush!

ohh diba!saya! ang mother happy din aside from joelits goin oh the next level, konti nalang bibiling diapers hehe

i need to let it out...(multiply post 4/21/08)

its been 2weeks since the very traumatic experience we've had with joelits, he's ok now, back to makulit mode,evrythings back to normal..iguess... not for me, i need to let it out, gosh hindi parin ako ok. its always on my mind,the smile of joelits as he wakes up from a sleep that suddenly turned to a loud scream( scream of so much pain) then to the state where he turned pale and his eyes were so scary, i really panic as it was the first time i saw him that way, that i forgot to calm myself down and carried him agad to his father ( he panic as well...) we got so scared we thought nooo we can't loose you, not now not ever. as we rushed him to the nearest hosp. all i do is massage his feet,head,hands, hug him tight and tell him baby pls.hold on,wake up wake up, pupunta tayo jollibee db.... paulit-ulit..(hubby is driving like crazy nadin..) i only relax a little when joelits began responding to me telling him we'll go to jollibee..(haay what's with jollibee that makes a kid finally coming back to conciousness!) then we got to the e.r. they gave him first aid and oxygen (buti nalang he stabilized agad) when i saw his eyes normal na and he started to cry na (though ayaw ko sha naririnig umiyak) haaay thank you Lord, super naiiyak talaga ako... then nagpaadmit nlang kami muna to have him monitored,take necessary exams for him and take medication for his fever, buti nman ok na, d following day makulit na ulit sha, nagcheck out na kme, sha ok na, ako hindi pa, kahit super sleepy na ako,id wake up in the middle of the night finding myself crying as i rem the look of joelits the moment he had the febrile convulsion, at day, lumilipad ang isip ko,hindi ako mapakali,i check on them every min evry sec. mejo o.a. na everytime i txtd someone about joelits condition maiiyak nnman ako, when they sleep during the day, gustu ko katabi nla ako until they wake up to make sure hndi na maulit, when joelits cries or scream, natataranta ako, lalo na at nyt, one tym, we are all asleep when joelits suddenly screamed, bgla ako napabangon carried joelits and called on to hubby( gutum lang pala si joelits...) puyat nanaman kami ni hubby!
very traumatic experience, ang hirap alisin on my system, it forever changed my life, i brought back the girlscout in me agen(laging handa ngyek!) so when out with my little boys, i make sure i have ear thermometer, coolfever,paracetamol,fully charged fone. i have a new hobby now, bodytemp.checker!mwehehe

my little joelits back to his makulit mode now(thank you Lord) and i don't know when i'll be totally fine, ok lang, wag nalang ang kids...may they always be in good health.

me,myself and i....i got tagged!(multiply post 3/27/08)

Post The Rules:

1. Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.

2. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their ten things and post these rules.

3. At the end of your blog, you need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names.

4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged, and to read your blog

1. i don't eat vegetables!
**yup,though sometimes i eat salads(it depends pa on the presentation!hehe dapat maganda ang ayos ng lettuce at mahal sha!haha!) coz the first time i ate a salad is at a fine dining resto,i misunderstood it kasi as blue cheese achuchuva for appetizer(sauce pala nya ung blue cheese!haha) eh mei kamahalan sha,napilitan ako kumain!hahaha!
** i eat nman foods with vegetables on it, i have a talent lang on removing even the tiniest vegetable or garlic on it! :) pag mei chaga...pwede na kumain ;) hehe

2.i'm an impulsive buyer.
** when i see something nice...lalo na pagpasok sa budget, bili agad!kaya mga advertisements sa tv,billboard,magazines etc...benta sakin yan un for d kids,foods to try,and lalo na pagpampaseksi go agad ako!haha sometimes after a commercial, with just one look,wla pako sinasabi..alam na ni hubby sasabihin ko..."hon ohh, try natin ;)"
--- i graduated bachelor of science in business administration....(dapat business-minded db,seller kumbaga...) i noticed, hndi ko ata sha magamit coz im having a hard time how to sell to people,how to make bola!hndi ata ako convincing!then i realized,fate took in, now i know why i met hubby....sha ang seller,ako ang buyer!haha nabola nya ako!hahah :) now we can have a business :) moral support nya ako hhihihi

3. i took glutathione at ayoung age!
** hndi pa uso glutha noon, si michael jackson at regine v. plang ang alam kong gumagamit ng glutha tabs nuon when i myself took tried it! hehe when i was nene pa kasi i was nognog!haha hilig kasi play sa tanghali imbes na sleep,and hlig din magbeach..ayan tuloy,ulingling?!hehe so nung mejo namulat na ako sa pagkavain(mei pimples din kasi ako nuon) mei pinatry sakin na tabs un nagfefacial sakin sabi pampaputi daw,gnagamit din ni regine daw un!hehe mejo umepek nman,so since then natuwa naako sa mga pampaputi! soap,lotion,etc. and glutha on the side :)
** result? si jarou!hehe sa kanya ata napunta un mga titnake ko glutha b4 hehe, with joelits kasi mejo adobong pusit ko sha napaglihi buti nlang pogi pren ;)

4. i love tianges and landmark!haha
** jan ko lang feel mag-splurge! hehe i feel happy pag marami ako nabibili sa budget ko for me!hehe shempre pagsagot na ni hubby..ibang usapan na yan hehe AND i beleive lang ha na its not on the tatak, its on how you carry yourself!diba diba diba, for the kids nalang u sobra ng budget diba :) un lang hindi ako marunong hubby nalang taga tawad ko hehe :)

5. i don't exercise!
** im sorry,yeah its healthy,it should be part of our day/life...i hate it,mapapagod lang ako!hehe though still a member at a gym...sauna lang habol ko talaga!hehe panu ako sesexy? hmmm professional help nlang..hehe a poor liar!

**i don't know why, im just poor at it!hehe u'll easily know if im telling a lie! white lies sometime nakakalusot (white lies are ok nman db sometimes its for d good of others) but d serious lies hehe errr...might as well tell d truth!hehe well,usually nman the lies are related to bumps in my car b4 ,and the location of d accident hehe(as far as tagaytay?!haha!)

7. i have a budget journal
** one of my tita quoted " gastos journal" daw hindi budget journal when she accidentaly read it. kasi some of the things i wrote there are: things to buy,things to buy for d kids, things to buy for hubby, things to do + budget, birthdays =anu gifts, parties,must haves etc. :) eh basta for me, budget journal un, ;) actually i let hubby read it once i a while...mejo umiiwas ata sha pag papabasa ko na ulit!hehe

8.i'm lampa,but i love to experience extreme adventures!
** yeah, i'm so lampa as exercise is not in my to do list. But from the very first time i flew a plane...since then, extreme adventures are on my to do list! though puro plane experiences palang ako naku i really like to do d extreme, maexperience lang ba! i tried jetski na pla(angkas nga lang as i was 3mo preggers na with jarou then) hay naku! by hook or by crook!!!pramis! kaya kulit ko na hubby kabisado na nya lines ko lagi..." hon... ok lang ba? ok lang sakin kahit no gifts on my birthday,special occasions basta hon try naten parasailing,bunjee jump,skydive,ultralight-flying etc. :) " ngek!

9. sometimes..i'm super slow!haha
**my hubby and bestbuds love me for that, simply the best daw... nobela na to pag knwento ko pa!haha

** b4 i thought tea?! eh lasang medyas na pinakuluan lang ng tubig yan! 'till i've tried chinese slimming tea(i forgot d label chinese kasi)umepek sakin....natypan ko na sha kahit panget lasa! then nakilala ko si twinnings...cherry flavor,i love! ayan addict nako sa tea,flavored black tea,green tea,milktea, may it be lipton,twinnings o dilmah champion sakin yan!

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reminiscing our wedding day(multply post 2/29/08)

8 days to go and it'll be our 2nd year wedding anniversary, hubby, who never fails to say when reminiscing..." haaay parang antagal na naten noh!!! parang ten years!!! " then we'll start to laugh" two years, two narin ang kids!" hehe, "eh pag three years., three kids din?!" hehe....

Ours is not a fairytale wedding, not exactly the one we always wanted and planned to perfection, we had a budget to stick to,and we had to rush things as i'll be having a hard time in the future to move around when my tummy gets bigger! yeah, joelits was there! hehe the oldies kasi are so excited for joelits and you know, oldies have to get married first to be blessed. "Blessed", it's a big thingie for them, though its also impt. to us, we don't wnna rush things sana, AND I WANTED A BEAUTIFUL WEDDING! you know, like the ones we see in romantic movies, etc. but shempre, oldies will be oldies, eh dun din naman daw pupunta, so mas maganda na mauna ang blessings from above...

papa is in silent mode then, though emotions sets in, he just let us be and remained silent..

hubby and i always wanted to get married to the church we both like, the church in macapagal area, (anu nga ba pangalan nun, un malapit now sa moa) or sa caleruega where we first went to. kaya lang the church in macapagal area, u have to reserve a year and a half pa b4 wedding because its indemand na, so caleruaga, wow tagaytay lamig!kya lang i rem... ehhh takut ako, the ghost bride of caleruega...hndi maalis sa isip ko!at that time :) and mama said bka mahirap magasikaso dun coz we don't know anyone there....
"AHA!! gustu nyo baguio?!" mama said, eh shempre, uuuyy lamig baguio breeze :) strawberries! " we excitedly said yes agad!(im starting to crave for strawberries na..) she has a friend there kc so matutulungan kme with wedding prep, so the next we go!baguio hello! we went there to check muna, san gustu nmen church, reception, etc. and we have to do it just for a day?! hmm church?!baguio-charlene/aga church, reception-manor?!hehe wish ko lang!haha then when passing by the mansion... i saw this new hotel (then) it was cute, even from afar i said"jan tayo magrereception! hehe so we check it out, nice nice nice we love it :) so, all set?! :) un lang, we know not all cud come...ok lang we wanted naman an intimate wedding. we reserved for a 150guests lang nku if all guests we expected to come,dumating, lalagpas parin sa 150! pero we have to make sure 150 guests lang...

for a month of preparation (which is soooo stressfull kasi super rush lahat)sabay pa sa sched,confirmation ni hubby kasi hndi papala sha nacoconfirm,shempre join din ako sa activities nya!hehe we finished things just in time for us to go to baguio na a week ahead of the wedding day,

invitaions-check(take note: super labor of love yan! so wag isnabin!hehe)

giveaways-check( super puyatan magburn ng cd!)

wedding thingies-check

background music/bridal march-check( for back -up lang) sa baguio na daw ang sound system,

orchestra law sabi ni mama (totyal! :) )

flowers-shempre sa baguio narin

cake-ksama na sa reception

photo/video coverage-baguio nadin mei discount daw, kakilala.

baguio: so halos buong entourage nmen kasabay na namen umakyat sa baguio, saya! and the guests?!... hhmmm mejo unti unti tumatawag,can't attend kc hindi makapagleave,mga reasonable nman coz karamihan really wanted to come.ok lang, tama lang ang pinareserve nmen...

two days b4 wedding: gosh kailangan pla talaga mag pre-cana seminar bago ikasal...pre-cana seminar usually,group of couples sha, sa ateneo nga daw overnyt pa, its like recolection for couples muna, eh kami... one on one with the lector!(kun anu man tawag sa kanya!) gosh,it turned out good for us kasi focus na focus ka talaga!haha kahit na super inaantok ka na,un pinipilit mong palakihin ang mata mo para hindi makatulog!hehe hindi pwede kasi nasa harapan mo ung lector at kinakausap ka!hehe funny funny! hubby and i super laugh on our way to d hotel pagkatapos nun!

a day b4 d wedding: ayan nagpafutspa nman kami and manicure and pedicure nadin ni hubby..sulit daw ang bayad namen!hahaha! i aske mama agen" ma saan na ung orchestra?! magaling ba sila?' mama said with a busy voice " yeah yeah, wag mo na isipin un, kabisado daw nila, magaling, sanay na sila..."
we only had an hour of sleep, we had to change some pages of the missalets kasi. kaya i remeber,kakapikit lang ng eyes ko....ring..ring.. "mam andito napo ung nagmemake -up".."ahhh gnun b...ahh sige,sige..akyat nalang cla sa room namen thanks...gosh then i rushed to the bathroom, take a quick shower!'"QUICKSHOWER!" and hello wedding day!!
aa, who was my matron of honor,was my all around matron of honor!she was the driver,coordinator,later on the emcee sa reception, she even has a part on the photoshoot that morning(akala ng photographer sha ung ikakasal!hahaha!) minemakeupan pa kasi ako that time! funny morning!hehe

at the church.... i was still at the car, i see our guest...our entourage..literal. i said to myself, gosh super intimate, intimate talaga! entourage lang! well, no time to thnk bout that, this is it!
the bridal march: ( i don't remember actually the bridal march!) with big eyes and pasimpleng" ma.... bahhhket ganito ang orchestra?!...(smile smile kasi pinipicturan!) "pa... ayaw ko ng tugtug....(smile smile kasi pinipicturan!) "bayaan mo na muna, ngiti ka nalang..(smile smile kasi pinipicturan) "asan na un kanta ko...(smile smile kasi pinipicturan!) "late na hindi daw nila alam lyrics...(smile smile pinipicturan!) Till we reach teary-eyed hubby...
GOSH hindi ako makapagemote! the orchestra?! gosh, it was the church choir pala AT ang kanilang organ!ORGAN, u know the tugtug sa church using organ?! un hindi mo mainindihan kung sabog ang tugtug o out of tune?! un iritating sa ears?! un pa naman ang pinaka iingatan kong ayaw na ayaw kong maririnig sa wedding day namen kaya i have prepared a cd,un lang iniwan na namen sa hotel kasi sabi magaling namn daw d "orchestra"...
bawat pindot sa organ,bawat tugtug,gosh i rem hon and i wud look at each other naiinis na natatawa! and the voice..DA VOICE! its like in the province...super! my bestfriends notice my eyes gets big when the choir sings and play their organ! its really memorable.... i wanted to cry then...cry sa pagkairitate sa choir!pramis!iritating talaga! na nakakatawa din kc super comedy, but who wud like comedy on their wedding day! haay, hon assured me nalang wag mo nalang isipin ung choir...with a little giggle,at natatawa nadin ako...kinalimutan ko na ang choir, bahala na c lord sa inyo!
hindi papala tapos... " u may now kiss the bride".. then picture picture na..."DONG DONG DING A DING ADING...(sound of tambol..) a group of enter the church in a two line formation dancing the igorot dance... uyyy surprise performance ba ito?! gosh...they're practicing pala for their school affair, hindi kami napansi kasi angkonti namen! so stop sila tuluy picture picture... so memorable noh!

on the way to the hotel/reception..ay nku hinanap ko na ang backup cds ko! ayoko na marinig ako maganda nilang organ pls!
upon entering the reception area, andun na c manong organista!!! naku c manong! torture toh! sobra na tama na! i ask ian ata to immediately give the cds to manong organista pls lang!! take note IMMEDIATELY! nung ibibigay na ni ian, he started playing the organ.... uyy, i like the song...and its not the organd sound i hate! haayy nakahinga ako ng malaim!THANK YOU LORD!!! manong organista has a sense of good music,and he plays my kind of music! salamat manong! ilabyou! thats the only time i started to relax na...
the program starts,aa and jay are bubby kya enjoy, then its time to eat... manong played good songs,light jazz, then he played our song... "i remembered so well...the day that you came...into my life... u asked for my had the most beautiful smile..." I GOT TEARY EYED!...hindi ko napigilan.. our song has finally been played!! " my life started to change,i'd wakeup each day, feeling alright...with you right by my side...makes me feel things will work out just fine..." hon noticed me and grabbed my hand, teary-eyed also and smiled..isaid... its my bridal march!he played my bridal march..our song!".... " how did you know...i needed someone like you in my life... that there's an empty space in my heart....u came at the right time in my life...." then we whispered i love you's...." i'll never you brought the sun to shine in my life....and took all the worries and fears that i have..." .then my bestfriends and family notice us teary-eyed and my tears of joy as i can't keep my tears from falling..." i guess what i'm really trying to say, its not evryday that someone like you comes my word can express how much i love you...., and those who notice us started to get teary-eyed also.
whew, what a single song can make a disastrous wedding be the most emotional and memorable wedding i've gone to!
then aa rendered us a song...unforgettable... at first, perfect..unfortunately manong organista is having a hard time with the notes,so aa started to have a hard time keeping up with manong organista....hehe ending..unforgettable :) hehe it was a nice laugh for aa and us aftr my emotional song hehe
then one by one they gave their speech and words of love to us, also papa, we all got emotional,teary-eyed,giggled because though papa rehersed his speech with kodigo pa un ah, his voice is shaking because he's fighting his tears not to fall! all in all our day turne out to be the most memorable and emotional day for us ...nakalimutan ko na ang organ...
after the reception, its time to rest! im really sleepy na! so we left some friends and papa's amigos pa while they hang around pa, upon going to the elevator, nakasalubong namin si papa, hubby teary-eyed, " pa...." and papa teary-eyed also nodded and they had a quick embrace... the "pa.." of hon and the nod of papa,we, hon,papa and i know, it says everything they wanted to say to each other .and they had an understanding... then at the elevator,still teary-eyed, we smiled and sigh and kiss, thank you Lord for this day :)

though its not the wedding we wanted, we are so happy it happened,for it opened many hearts,healed hearts and started a new life full of love,so much for a wedding
kakaloka noh!thats how things happened then, so many emotions! hehe after two years, and two babies hehe, i never fail to giggle,laugh and get teary-eyed when reminiscing our Big day :)

hey,we still wanted to have the wedding of our dreams come into reality :) hehe maybe on our 25th anniversary:) where we hope na hindi na sha super intimate moment!hehehe

Monday, June 2, 2008

just in time for lenten season..

i got this from the book i was talking about...

Beatitudes for a wife....

Blessed is she whose daily tasks are a labor of love; for her willing hands and happy heart translate the duty into privilege and her labor becomes a service to God and all mankind
Blessed is she who opens the door to welcome both strangers and well-loved friends; for gracious hospitality is a test of brotherly love.
Blessed is she who mends stockings and toys and broken hearts; for her understanding is a balm to humanity.
Blessed is she who scours and scrubs; for well she knows that cleanliness is an expression of godliness.
Blessed is she whom children love; for the love of a child is more to be valued than fortune or fame.
Blessed is she who sings at her work;for music lightens the heaviest load and brightens the dullest chore.
Blessed is she who dusts away doubt and fear and sweeps out cobwebs of confusion; for her faith will triumph over all adversity.
Blessed is she who serves laughter and smiles with every meal; for her buoyancy of spirit is an aid to mental and physical digestion.
Blessed is she who preserves the sanctity of the Christian home; for hers is a sacred trust that crowns her with dignity.

so serious...

on married life... i was waiting for hubby to call me and drive my way to the bus station where he patiently waits for our bangus to arrive, i saw this little bookstore across the street so i decided to check it out , it was a religious/selfhelp/inspirational kinda bookstore where almost every book there i find interesting ( kasi when i was single and not occupied with family life, i used to read some selfhelp/inspirational books hehe) then i saw this book, mejo natawa ako sa title: How to keep your husband happy (shempre mei how to keep your wife happy din) shempre it got my attention, cge nga patingin if mei katuturan ang mga nakasulat so for short bilini ko sha!haha ok lang mura lang naman eh! hubby called...just in time to go!

i scanned the pages of the book(actually manipis lan sha, ) hmmm pwede nren, i found some stuffs there na hehe uyy relate ako hehe and hey im doing good nman pala eh, ahh yeah mei point, actually its like men are from mars and women are from venus approach kaya nagenjoy narin ako basahin hehe kasi it not really focuses on how to keep husbands happy but wives as well, parang how to keep the fire burning always!hahah d usual give and take situation, but more on the wife giving more ba... hmm well it has a point lalo na when you read it fully, being a wife is a toughie a! coz it's in us that lies not only the happiness of our husbands but of our home as well.

so how do i end up buying the book again? wala lang hehe actually i want to buy the how to keep your wife happy book because for sure andun ung mga saying na even when your married already continue to court your wife, go on dates, give flowers, u know stuffs we forever love receiving?! that sometimes hubbys overlook when your married na kasi busy with work and kids that his lambing to you nalang is kilitiin ka to death, and the loving gesture martians do that venutian don't notice naman! though hubby has his own ways of showing me his supa dupa love for me and the kids wala lang, i just want to point to him honey ohh more dates daw :) hehe

whhell, maybe i just miss our couplehood days when all we do is date date date :)