Tuesday, February 24, 2009

airplanes and my little boys!

my little boys... they have this thingy with airplanes, everytime they see one, wow with so much excitement they'll shout and say: wwow!! look mama airplane!! look look! i'm beginning to think maybe one of them or even both of them will become pilots in the future( good pilots that is!) how i wish! so if ever i wont be continuing my flying career(hope not) we have our boys to continue our dream...but we'll not pressure them if they don't like it, i'll just somewhat open up their eyes on the aviation world!hehe

hay, just by thinking of them becoming pilots someday makes me feell excited to teach them what i've learnd,just the basics at first for them to have an idea of what their mom used to do and will always love ( second to the hubby and them ofcourse!)but if they show interest, then go! will teach them all! anyway, my books are kept safe for future use again. And so it'll be of use again, good use :)

embracing the reality

yup, starting today, i promise myself to embrace reality....and the realty business to be exact!hehe i should have done this years ago!years when the business is starting, should have been growing with it.... aniways better late than never!I have to love this business since this is the one that made our lives still-surviving-despite-of-all-the-trials-mode! though flying is still and always will be in my heart have to prolong my setting aside the passion of my life and focus on loving the real estate business! i have to... its the only thing i could to do to extend a helping hand to my parents and my hubby as well as to make our little boys future a brighter one!AND i have to be good on this! so i cud easily go back to flying and fullfill my dream of giving my family the comforts of travelling the world free or on discounted rates hehe so goodluck for me! hehe so now what? ok i've been searching the net for seminars on real estate and other things related to it!luckily i found this one :)">

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

year of learning

found myself writing a list of short courses and seminars of things i wanna explore this year!here's my list: (hope i can attend even just half of it!hehe)

1.Real Estate Marketing (obviously for our biz so i can help nman my family!and im not that ignorant with the real estate world!)

2. Party Planning/Business with Balloon Decor (ofcourse i want to pursue a passion i just have discovered and put it in good use!)

3. Sushi Making( also a discovered passion that can be of good use!) wanna learn how to make other japanese sushi making

4. pastry making (desserts and cake decorating) honestly wanna learn how to operate the oven..hehe and if mei future in cake decorating, that'll be nice!ill be making my boys birthday cakes! and all other special occassions cake! also desserts and other pastries pwede for giveaways!

5. how to make herbal soaps,shampoo,tea bsta anything conected with producing nice things from plants or fruits :)

6. food/resto biz- my hubby wants to put up a food biz someday,wanna learn so i can help and support him :)

7.printing station biz seminar-how to put up one, with xeros machines,printers, and how to make personalized stuffs( i wanna put up an all in one printing station or kahit na franchise lang...i also have a talent with printables hehe)

8. Make-up traning, i once loved puting make-up to friends...thought i have a talent, maybe i can also be a good make-up artist someday!

9. agri-biz seminar have to know for our farm....

10. language school! always wanted to learn french and german and thai and spanish and what else? hehehe just 1 at a time!

so there! ope i can enroll kahit half of mylist for this year, really wanted to learn and put those things in good use! have to!

weight management!

ive been having difficulty with my weight management this past few months? i'm not losing weight! instead, im gaining more! this should stop! visited mariefrance for help again nd to finally finish my treatments long overdue! ms.patty told me must be from my food diet..err...somethings wrong with my diet... so we go back again to the basics which is to list down my food intake and from there we can assess what to do what foods to avoid,minimize and eat more. honestly im having a hard time following this simple step... maybe brought by my taking pills (they say pills have this effect of increasing your appetite that's why most pill takers increase weight.) ms.patty suggest that i should not give in to the appetite,drink lots of fluids,minimize eating foods rch in carbohydrates esp.refined starches as it makes u feel hungry agad. well, good luck ling, lets see in a month or two if mariefrance can help you with ur weight management!

Friday, February 13, 2009

calling Bro

at this moment in time...i don't wanna entertain bad vibes...i just cant. there have been soo much bad vibes from the past months...and i just can't handle it now. i swear! i have forgotten where to get some strength when i feel weak... ahh i used to call on Him,usually when i feel down,ull find at the adoration chapel near our place or wherever i see one i just went there and talk to Him...... He has been my bestfrend long forgotten...(i soo sorry) i used to be like santino(from the primetime teleserye "may bukas pa"?! kapamilya ako...) so im santina...(corny corny...)

honestly i missed You... it has been years since the last time ive' had a heart to heart talk to sorry, maybe im still adjusting to my new be what You love me to be..a good and loving wife and mom... though i still not that a perfect mom, but im loving my boys...still on the process of making them proud of me... still on the process of perfecting time management for everything. You have given me so much blessings in life: my loving hubby, my two equally charming boys, my ever patient and supportive dad's health. (still praying for his continuos recovery from cancer) soo much to be thankful with actually.... and i thank You Lord for everything!

but u know me..i easily get down when i or my family experience not so good things... i just feel my family's pain in double... though i know u made us to be survivors in here agen to ask for ur help to take away the sadness in my heart, the negative vibes surrounding my family,my life... pls hear me agen... i just find it difficult to do without Ur grace... Please always surround my family with good vibes,happiness and love so we may be able to overcome our challenges (once agen) and that we may be able to give love in return to those who gives us negative vibes... i love You, now i feel Your presence agen Thank You Thank You