Sunday, September 14, 2008

the real me!

who am i?really?

as i have gone through my old posts, i came across this tag from my sis-in-law,write down 10 random facts about yourself. i realized haven't written the most "significant" facts of myself! like...

err.. it then came to me that i am likely qualified in the vain category?! like vanity hurts-vain! for the very reason of going under the knife?! mwehehe surprised? hehe well only some knows my vanity-dare-birthday gift mwehehe aniways and just recently i've had my upper eyelid tattooed! have met belo and mariefrance, but on the lighter side,im basically the same! hahaha everything on the natural...very natural look!hahaha sayang ang bayad.

aniways, added to the significant facts of my life, though i am vanity hurt vain, and had been cs twiced, my pain tolerance is super low like im super nana!! extremes noh! so when about to experience pain...i make sure that im guarded with the strongest of the strongest painrelievers or anesthesia! weird? hehe i dont know, im just not that against going under the long as it makes ur life happy ;)nagiiba ba ang vibes!

kanya kanyang trip lang yan.


after the rain...

comes the rainbow...

jarou finally had his 2d echo after a month, and good news, the result is normal na,no more sign of kawasaki disease... though we are required to have regular checks every 6months to be sure that it won't come back and jarou's is still taking aspirin in a month or two,but all in all, jarou's doing great,he's gaining weight again and soon he'll have his first haircut!!yipeey i'm now starting to get busy preparing for his jungle safari birthday!

as for his kuya joelits is also gaining weight,he started schooling at gymboree having fun learning and making friends.

i am so greatful for the progress of my two little boys, Thank you Lord!

my little jarou and the Kawasaki disease...

Thank God we still have the best doctors here in the philippines!

Last week my little jarou was admitted to the hosp. for monitoring of his cough for it has been weeks and even though he had taken meds,changed to antibiotics the cough was still there, and really bothered me na cause usually when he takes meds for coughs or colds after 2 days it'll be gone...and also he has been having fever usually high at night three consecutive days... ah iba na toh ayaw ko nito!

So the morning his pedia ask us if we would like jarou be admitted for monitoring,(kasi mejo makulit na ulit ako sa pedia nya txt every minute..) packed our things and go na to the hosp, the fever is still there kasi and we discovered some rashes on his back (the manangs in the house said ah baka tigdas hangin lang yan...or lalabasan ng ngipin..) i felt something more than that...

jarou got admitted in the afternoon na bec wla pa vacant na rum that morning, we we got to the room, they inserted his i.v na and do some skin tests for his antibiotics for the the was diagnosed to be pneumonia...

that night we noticed some redness in his eyes, we thought maybe bec of his high fever and from crying... and yaya flor said ganun daw pag mei tigdas din..

the next morning, jarou still has fever,still has rashes and red eyes, his pedia came to check on him, hmmm she didn't associate the rashes and red eyes to measles... might be something else..then i heard her..nku wag naman kawasaki..err ha,anu po un? kawasaki?mejo natawa pa ako, anu po un?... she didn't say a word about kawasaki, she just told me cge balik ako refer ko din kei dr.santos,(head of infectious disease dept.) para tingin din nya..tnung ko bout d fever bakit taas, she told me maybe from his pneumonia un... asked me how many days na un fever etc.pakuhaan ulit naten sha bloodtest ha, then she left mejo natawa pa kme ni manang flor, "anu ba yan jarou, u look like a japanese na ng pati sakit mo pang-japanese pa!" whell we thought anu b un ndi nman cguro, manang flor keep insisting baka tigdas lang talaga ksi ganyan dinsa mga anak ko pagtigdas mula mata pero pagkawala rashed wala nadin,

after some hours, dra.gan(jarou's pedia) returned with some dr's to check on jarou...ayun they were talking about the symptoms of kawasaki na, they can't confirm as not all the symptoms are showing, only the red eyes and rashes and a high fever which may be associated with the pneumonia, but they can't also rule it out, i rem.they ask me" is his lips red na or its just normal kasi maputi sha...ah normal lang po ayn talagang red lips po sha, i told them, dr.santos said usually the patients with kawasaki mejo not happy babies kasi...pero sha oh happy eh! then he said, he doesn't have all the signs of kawasaki pero meron din kasi that the symptoms show paisa isa pwede din un.... then they agreed to have him undergo 2d echo test to make sure din(better to be sure!) the result of the bloodtest kasi wala pa,

that afternoon, jarou had his 2d echo ( its like ultrasound, sa heart nga lang) ayun, the dr' there upon seeing jarou palang with the red eyes, kawasaki yan. then he looked at jarou's heart at the monitor (while jarou is crying, akala kasi tusukin ulit sha! mejo nagststart na matrauma jarou sa dr's and nurses) he told me normal naman ang heart nya, meron lang na slight fluid at something(u forgot the term) but maaalis naman agad yan ng gamot which is good! but kawasaki talaga sha...i then ask him, doc anu po b un kawasaki???? he told me actually it is still unknown where sha makukuha, not hereditary just the signs & symptoms, madami sha complications and usually 40-50% of the heart and affected the veins kasi lumolobo then nagcclog sometime pumuputok thats the time magheheart attack, its fatal. but as for jarou, buti maaga nalaman, madadala nman ng gamot yan but u have to get him back here for test uli, i saw the result :kawasaki disease...

i texted family and friends na agad, that its kawasaki nga, but still don't know what actions gawin nila as hindi pa nakikita ng dr. ni jarou un result,and shempre kinulit ko nnman ang dr ni jarou,she told me buti nalang we anticipated it earlier so the complications wont be severe,and matreat agad sha, un lang the gamot is mahal but shempre we'll do everything mawala lang ang sakit,money is not important...mejo nagpapanic nako inside dont know kung halata na...that night still jarou has a high fever...

at 4:20am from a slight sleep, i woke up from jarou;s murmuring...nku nagchichill na ang anak ko.. called the nurse, dinalang sha ng spotlight? then sponge bath nmen,usually masungit jarou pag sponge bath,this time hndi sha galit,taas talaga fever nya...i was really worried kasi the experiences ive had with joelits seizure b4..hindi ko na kaya magyari ulit... ayun mejo bumaba na fever... that morning, dra.gan called me on the phone, told me na they'll start to give jarou the treatment for his kawasaki... told me that if dr.santos (actually he is the head of infectious disease dept.) ask me if what type of med to give jarou, to take the mas mahal na gamot as we are sure that it is mas maganda.

at lunchtime mama and the rest of the baranggay was there, joelits and papa followed, they dropped by after joelits schooling at gymboree trinoma. joelits missed his baby bro as he keeps on embracing and kissing him! then jarou's i.v needs to be placed on a new and a better vein so the medication will flow smoothly...well i'd say, thats the hardest part of our stay in the hosp. the resident doc. is having a hard time looking for a vein on jarou's hands and even feet! dra.gan and three more doctors, try their best to look for a good vein to insert the i.v.,12x, everytime they try to insert the needle,every cry,every pain jarou has felt, as if im feeling it to, it breaks my heart to see jarou crying, begging them to pls stop coz he's really hurt... i find myself crying too,trying to hug my little boy,hoping my hug will take away the pain... they have to find a good vein that way,or the last resort would be to put jarou in the operating room and cut his skin and find a good vein.jarou must be treated soon. dr.gan advise me that its better if mom will hold jarou, as the doctors are also maybe being stressed seing me cry with my baby. so mom got in and i ran to our room still hearing jarous cry still breaking my heart... joelits saw me crying and he also heard jarou cry, he wanted to see jarou. as if he also wanted to embrace his baby bro and make him stop cry.... haaaay life...

i asked mama if she could stay for the night while jarou is being treated so if whatever happens she can manage things as i know i myt breakdown...things did well, jarou's temp started to go normal,no more high fever but still have to check bka bumalik,buti nman hindi na,jarou was asleep all the time except for the occasional carrying when the nurse enters the room.. mama didn't sleep she just sits infront of jarou checking,observing jarou's sleep,breath,temp.and ofcourse pressing the button of the machine when it beeps! mama said that i should take some naps so ill have strength the next day,but i find myself also awake most of the time also checking on jarou,

at 6:15am the next day, finally the last dose of jarous imunoglobulin was finished, jarou woke up around 7:30am(wow napasarap ang sleep,usually kc he wakes up at 6am!) wow, like magic! the redness in his eyes and lips were gone! and the fever hndi na bulmaik,parang hindi nagasakit ang little boy ko! we were so thankful to the Lord, thank you thank you Lord!

dra.gan checked jarou also said,galing noh parang magic!she was so happy seeing jarou's condition back to normal, so we only have to finish the antibiotics for the pneumonia then we can go home na!!!haaay!!! but that night jarou started u cry nanaman, we checked on him baka he was hungry or something, called the nurse, she found out that namaga na ung wrist ni jarou from the iv. (the line was out) so she removed the iv immediately and inform the resident dr. and wait for orders if they'll insert a new one again or not animore since there's an oral counterpart of the antibiotics,,helloo!! enough of the iv na!

i texted dra.early in the morning the next day to inform her of jarous namamaga na wrist, se ordered that jarou just take the oral medication instead since we'll be discharged nadin soon, and that day we were discharged from the hosp. jarou's back on his groove happy baby as always, at nasimulan ko na maramdaman ang pagod and super antok....joelits was super happy upon seeing us finally on our very own room! he super duper missed waking up and seeing baby jarou and me on his side! and shempre ang hubby namiss din pala girl??? uuyy hindi pa pwede!hehhe upon closing my eyes that night i prayed....thank you Lord ,You've been so good to us!! thank you for hearing my prayers, for the good doctors,for the strength, for the constant support of loving family and friends, for everything! most especially for my hubby and two little life.