Friday, March 19, 2010

my devotion....

its been a looong time na pala since my last many things happened, so many things have changed.... papa left us already.... though we are mourning with sadness....we know papa is peacefully with the Lord right now, so much memories that's still hard for me to write till now,better to set it aside first coz it'll always be d saddest part of my life.... but we have to move on, life goes on for us here left on earth, knowing that one day we'll see papa and will be together again, happy. for now, its really hard....really really hard for us,. We thought we have prepared ourselves enough.... but i guess its easier said that done. you can never prepare yourself from loosing someone you dearly love.

since papa's last few days, he wanted us to pray the rosary, always pray every 3'o clock, he would call everybody in the house to pray infront of the grotto of Mama Mary in the garden, until at the hospital on his last hour we always pray... the prayers lessens our sadness giving us hope that papa will be with the Lord, to make papa feel that everything will be alright, that he shouldn't be afraid coz he'll soon be with the Lord.

And during his wake, we found so many friends of papa praying with us, offering masses for papa, and we are so thankful for them.

and now, after about two months now.... we get used to praying the rosary, praying for papa, praying for ourselves also to be healed from our emotional pain we're going through... its as if its always fresh... its really hard. Oh Lord help us overcome this.

i am not really a prayerful person, but now, i think i am. I've come to know Purgatory, Souls in Purgatory, the power of praying, the power of praying for your beloved ones.... and i think i'll keep on praying till forever. Prayer lessens the sadness in my heart, prayer makes me feel papa is praying with me, prayers are what i can do for papa.

and i am now devoting myself to pray for the souls in purgatory.just incase papa is still there, i dont want papa to suffer there, i want him to be with our Lord.