Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lose Weight Fast And Permanently - The Weight Loss Industry Spend Billions To Cover Up New Research - readbud - Australian Business Directory

Research in the weight loss industry highlights the main cause for failure as information overload or not being able to choose the correct information from the crap out there. Most people are brain washed by the enticing advertisement campaigns of the billion dollar companies, promising heaven on earth to the innocent over weights.

The weight loss market is a billion dollar industry and these companies do their best to sell their crap to the people. Do you know that most of these companies are really conspiring to keep you fat so that they can sell their next big break through diet or pill to you?

The fad diets or pills that they profess to miraculously make you thin; is only a temporary solution to your weight loss quest. You lose mostly water weight from these products and gain even more weight no sooner you lose it.

Most of the popular diet pills simply drain the fluid content of your body making you feel losing weight but actually it does more harm than good as it could dehydrate your body.

These pills mostly have "caffeine" as an ingredient and it naturally curb hunger and increases the metabolism slightly. But why pay 1000s of dollars on pills, when you can get it from a cup of coffee?

Pharmaceutical products are chemical based and detrimental to your health. Who in their right mind is able to say that the solution to losing weight fast is dependent on a chemical compound? Do you think that your body would accept it? So why waste your precious money on these chemical formulas?

You may have seen ab exercise equipment being promoted on TV, by folks having six pack abs and nicely toned bodies. Do you believe these ads? They persuade you to buy the latest ab machine claiming it to lose 50 pounds in 3-4 days. Do you really believe this junk? Did you know that the folks who promote this equipment are models and they have spent a good time in their life; sweating and toiling to build their six pack abs and maintain their nicely toned bodies. They may even have spent their life time on this task. Most of these models never use the equipment they eagerly promote on TV. They are paid handsome rewards just to tell you all that crap.

Latest research has revealed that permanent weight loss is achievable with a clearly laid out systematic plan and that there are no magic pills to achieve it overnight.